Diced lichee in syrup
by Best Pearl Food
(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

We are the first and invention manufacturer in China to produce diced lichee, and diced pineapple packaged into aseptic bag.

We are a manufacturer specialized in various kinds of diced fruit such as diced lichee, diced pineapple, diced aloe, etc.

Lichee by Best Pearl Food

Lichee by Best Pearl Food


Inner package: Aseptic bag in 5kg; 10kg; 20kg;
Could be changed according inquiry.


Diced lichee in syrup

Lichee is the best welcomed fruit in China and around the world, but it’s difficult to keep for long time because of temperature sensitive.
With the top processing and aseptic bag packaging, now the shelf life is more than 12 months, it can be enjoyed all year, not only in the harvest season.
We are the first producer to provide lichee product in China and in the world.

The taste of our final fruit cube is more near original taste.The fruit cube is hard, fresh and not too much damaged by heating processing.

Application: Ice cream, Salad, Food additives, Juice, Wine, Cake decoration, Can ,etc.


Full lichee, half lichee, piece lichee in syrup

Inner package: Aseptic bag in 5kg; 10kg; 20kg; Or according to customers’ requirements.

Item Specification Remark
ColorOriginal cream white color with light color of core.
Brix14% - 19%-
PH3.7 - 4.1-
Citric acid0.15% - 0.22%-
Total acidity0.17% - 0.30%-
TasteFresh and crispy is as 90% of natural, more better than in can
Full lichee, half lichee, piece of lichee
 5*5*5,1/4 part of lichee, half lichee, full lichee( 15-25#circle)
 5*5*5,1/4 part of lichee, half lichee, full lichee( 25-33#circle)
Could be changed according inquiry
Solids Content
50% - 75%
Could be changed according inquiry
Preservation process
Inner package: aseptic bag
Shelf Life
12 months
Room temperature storage


Produced 100% from natural and pure fresh lichee without any other ingredients or food additives.

With fully automated aseptic processing system and high annual production capability, we have fully confidence and ability to make our high quality product and service the best, not only preserving fruit flavor to the greatest extent, but also touches tasty and refreshing daintily, and flavor single.

Specifications can be customized according to customers' requirement.


Our company would be very happy to mail small free samples for your evaluation.


Price Terms: FOB,CNF or CIF

Payment Terms: L/C or T/T


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